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Pihlajalinna Oyj - Managers' transactions

Pihlajalinna Plc: Managers’ transactions

Pihlajalinna Plc      Managers’ transactions     25 May 2022 at 8:45 p.m.

Pihlajalinna Plc: Managers’ transactions

Pihlajalinna Plc has received the following notification on 25 May 2022:

Person subject to the notification requirement
Name:                           Nevanlinna Sari
Position:                       Other senior manager

Initial Notification
Reference number:               15573/5/4

Name:                           Pihlajalinna Oyj
LEI:                            74370058MTRLEDOCHV67

Transaction details
Transaction date:               2022-05-25
Venue:                          NASDAQ HELSINKI LTD (XHEL)
Nature of the transaction:      Acquisition

Instrument:                     Share
ISIN:                           FI4000092556

Volume:                         123
Unit price:                     11.38000 Euro
Volume:                         125
Unit price:                     11.40000 Euro
Volume:                         156
Unit price:                     11.40000 Euro
Volume:                         57
Unit price:                     11.40000 Euro
Volume:                         5
Unit price:                     11.36000 Euro
Volume:                         200
Unit price:                     11.60000 Euro
Volume:                         2
Unit price:                     11.44000 Euro
Volyme:                         186
Unit price:                     11.58000 Euro
Volyme:                         175
Unit price:                     11.46000 Euro
Volyme:                         175
Unit price:                     11.44000 Euro
Volyme:                         200
Unit price:                     11.44000 Euro
Volyme:                         440
Unit price:                     11.39180 Euro
Volyme:                         306
Unit price:                     11.40000 Euro

Aggregated transactions
Volume:                         2150
Volume weighted average price:  11.44316 Euro

Pihlajalinna Plc

Further information
Joni Aaltonen, CEO

Enquiries through IR communications:
Communications Officer Juuso Kauppinen, tel. +358 40 736 5138 or

Nasdaq Helsinki Oy
Key media

Pihlajalinna in brief:
20-year-old Pihlajalinna (Nasdaq Helsinki: PIHLIS) is one of the leading private
providers of social, healthcare and wellbeing services. The Group provides
services to private individuals, companies, insurance companies and public
sector entities, such as municipalities and joint municipal authorities, across
Finland. The Group provides general practitioner and specialised care services,
occupational healthcare and dental care services and also residential and
wellbeing services, for example. The Group, in cooperation with the public
sector, offers social and healthcare service provision models to public sector
entities with the aim of providing high-quality services. Read more:
investors.pihlajalinna.fi (https://publish.ne.cision.com/l/gdxcjxthc/publish.ne.c