2024-02-23 19:10:00 CET

2024-02-23 19:10:00 CET


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The Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, on behalf of ÍL-sjóður  (HF Fund) and the Icelandic State, and representatives of 18* pension funds, which together hold the largest share of bonds to which ÍL-sjóður is the issuer, have decided to start negotiations on the settlement of the Fund's bonds. The aim of the negotiations is to reach an agreement whereby the bonds will be fully settled and conditions created for the winding-up of the IL fund.

Reykjavík, February 23 2024

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
Pension Funds 

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Brú lífeyrissjóður starfsmanna sveitarfélaga
Eftirlaunasjóður F.Í.A.
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