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Relais Group Oyj - Changes in company's own shares

Relais Group Plc: Share Repurchase 20.6.2024

Relais Group Plc                 ANNOUNCEMENT   20.6.2024

Relais Group Plc: Share Repurchase 20.6.2024

In the Helsinki Stock Exchange

Trade date                       20.6.2024
Bourse trade                     Buy
Share                            RELAIS
Amount                           700            Shares
Average price/ share             13,7599        EUR
Total cost                       9 631,93       EUR

Relais Group Plc now holds a total of 20 521 shares
including the shares repurchased on 20.6.2024

On behalf of Relais Group Plc

Nordea Bank Oyj

Janne Sarvikivi                  Sami Huttunen

Additional information:
Relais Group Plc
CFO Thomas Ekström
Telephone: +358 50 381 9751
Email: thomas.ekstrom@relais.fi