2007-04-26 08:02:58 CEST

2007-04-26 08:02:58 CEST


Tekla - Corporate Action

Tekla has sold Defence business to Patria

Tekla Corporation             Stock Exchange Release

Tekla has sold Defence business to Patria

Tekla has sold its Defence business to Patria. According to the
agreement, the business will be transferred on May 1, 2007. In
connection with the transaction, some 20 Defence employees will
transfer to Patria. A letter of intent signed by the companies was
announced in a stock exchange release dated February 9, 2007.

Tekla will recognize the business deal in the second quarter of 2007.
The result impact will be specified in Tekla's Interim Report for
January-March on April 27, 2007.

Defence develops reconnaissance, command and control systems and fire
control systems in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces. The
Defence business area's net sales for 2006 amounted to 2.23 million

Tekla Corporation

Ari Kohonen

For additional information, please contact:
Tekla Corporation, Ari Kohonen, President and CEO, Tel. +358 30 661
1468, ari.kohonen@tekla.com

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Tekla in brief

Tekla is the industry-leading international software company whose
innovative software solutions make customers' core business more
effective in building and construction, energy distribution and in
municipalities. The company's model-based software products and
related services are used in more than 80 countries. Tekla Group's
net sales for 2006 were approximately 50 million euros and operating
result 13.6 million euros. International operations accounted for 75%
of net sales. Tekla Group employs more than 350 persons, of whom a
third work outside Finland. Tekla was established in 1966, making it
one of the oldest software companies in Finland. For additional
information on Tekla, please visit www.tekla.com