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Lehto Group Oyj - Inside information

Lehto Group Plc: Lehto Group announces the final terms of its senior unsecured convertible bond offering due June 2027

Lehto Group Plc
Inside information
July 1, 2022 at 2.15 a.m. (EET)


Lehto Group Plc (“Lehto” or the “Company”) announces the pricing and placing of
first tranche of its offering (the “Offering”) of senior unsecured convertible
bonds due June 2027 (the “Convertible Bonds”). The Convertible Bonds are
convertible into new and/or existing ordinary shares in Lehto (the “Shares”) and
issued in an aggregate principal amount of EUR 13.02 million.

The subscription period of the Offering will continue until September 30, 2022,
unless the Board of Directors decides to discontinue the subscription period
earlier. Thus institutional and other qualified investors still have an
opportunity to participate in the Offering. The minimum subscription amount is
EUR 100,000 per investor. As the maximum amount of the Convertible Bonds is EUR
15 million, a total of EUR 1.98 million of the Convertible Bonds remains
unsubscribed on the date of this release.

The biggest shareholder of the Company Lehto Invest Oy (“Lehto Invest”) has in
accordance with its undertaking announced on June 29, 2022 subscribed for
Convertible Bonds for an amount of EUR 8 million in connection with the
Convertible Bonds' first tranche issue. In addition, Lehto Invest has undertaken
to subscribe for any Convertible Bonds that have not been subscribed for by
other investors by September 30, 2022 provided the maximum aggregate principal
amount of Convertible Bonds so subscribed for is EUR 3 million.

The transaction aims to improve the financing position of the Company and to
facilitate the Company's bank financing arrangement, and the proceeds from the
Convertible Bonds will be used for general corporate purposes.

The Convertible Bonds will be issued at 100% of their principal amount of EUR
20,000 per bond, and unless previously converted, repurchased or redeemed, it
will be redeemed at par at maturity with accrued interest. PIK interest of 4%
will be added to the interest payable at maturity in accordance with the terms
and conditions of the Convertible Bonds. The Convertible Bonds carry a coupon of
6% per annum payable semi-annually in arrear in equal instalments on June 30,
and December 31, each year, with the first interest payment date being December
31, 2022.

The initial conversion price is EUR 0.40 per share, which corresponds the
closing price of the Company's share on the stock exchange of Nasdaq Helsinki
Ltd. on June 28, 2022. The conversion price will be subject to adjustments for
any dividends in cash or in kind, as well as customary anti-dilution
adjustments, pursuant to the terms and conditions of Convertible Bonds.

The Shares underlying the special rights connected to the Convertible Bonds
represent approximately 37.3% of the total number of Lehto's issued and
outstanding Shares immediately prior to the Offering, subject to potential
adjustments to the conversion price.

Settlement and delivery of the Convertible Bonds is expected to take place on or
about July 7, 2022.

Aktia Alexander Corporate Finance Oy acts as the Coordinator and Financial
Advisor of the Offering. Bird & Bird Attorneys Ltd is acting as the Company's
legal adviser.

Further information:

Juuso Hietanen


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Veli-Pekka Paloranta
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