2024-04-18 16:35:08 CEST

2024-04-18 16:35:08 CEST


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Rokiskio Suris - Notification on material event

Strategic investor Fonterra decided to withdraw from the share capital of AB Rokiškio sūris

Strategic investor Fonterra decided to withdraw its minority stake in the share capital of AB Rokiškio sūris, in line with its strategic long term review of investments. Cooperation in the processing of milk and in trade of products will continue on mutually acceptable and beneficial terms.

The company's main shareholders have agreed that the withdrawal will be executed by selling the 3,586,797 shares of Fonterra (Europe) Coöperatie U.A. to the Company. The estimated share price is 2.2 euros per share.
AB Rokiškio sūris plans to buy back the shares through the market of official offer of AB Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange. Orders for the sale of shares can be placed by all shareholders of the Company. The number of shares to be bought up will be calculated in proportion to the number of shares submitted.
The share buyback is scheduled for May 2024. After the purchase of shares up to 1/10 of the authorized capital of the Company, the shares will be cancelled. The next public purchase of shares will then be announced at the same price per share (EUR 2.2 per share). This procedure will be repeated until Fonterra (Europe) Coöperatie U.A. sells to the Company all its 3,586,797 shares.

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