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Nixu Oyj - Major shareholder announcements

Announcement of a change in shareholding according to chapter 9, section 10 of the Finnish Securities Market Act

Nixu Corporation, Stock exchange release on March 24 2023, at 4 p.m. EET

Nixu Corporation (business code 0721811-7) has today, 24 March 2023, received
from Aktia Rahastoyhtiö Oy a notification received by Aktia Rahastoyhtiö Oy on
15 March 2023 pursuant to Chapter 9, Section 5 of the Finnish Securities Markets

According to the notification, the aggregate ownership of Aktia Mikro Markka,
Aktia Nordic Micro Cap, Aktia Nordic Small Cap, Aktia Secura investment funds,
managed by Aktia Rahastoyhtiö Oy, in Nixu Corporation's shares (ISIN:
FI0009008387) decreased below five (5) per cent threshold on March 15, 2023. The
total number of shares in the funds managed by Aktia Rahastoyhtiö Oy is 311,593,
corresponding to 4.18% of the shares and votes of the company.

Nixu has one share series and each share entitles its holder to one (1) vote.
The total number of shares is 7,447,219.

Total positions of Aktia Rahastoyhtiö Oy's funds subject to the notification:

                  % of shares   % of shares  Total of      total
                  and voting    and voting   both in %     number of
                  rights        rights                     shares
                                through                    and voting
                                financial                  rights of
                                instruments                issuer
Resulting         Aktia                      Aktia         311,593
situation on the  Rahastoyhtiö               Rahastoyhtiö
date on           Oy 4.18%                   Oy 4.18%
which threshold   ownership:                 ownership:
was crossedor     Aktia Mikro                Aktia Mikro
reached           Markka                     Markka
                  1.21%, Aktia               1.21%, Aktia
                  Nordic Micro               Nordic Micro
                  Cap 0.15%,                 Cap 0.15%,
                  Aktia Nordic               Aktia Nordic
                  Small Cap                  Small Cap
                  2.02%, Aktia               2.02%, Aktia
                  Secura 0.81%               Secura 0.81%
Position of       Aktia                      Aktia
previous          Rahastoyhtiö               Rahastoyhtiö
notification      Oy 5.75%                   Oy 5.75%
(if applicable)   ownership:                 ownership:
                  Aktia Mikro                Aktia Mikro
                  Markka                     Markka
                  1.21%, Aktia               1.21%, Aktia
                  Nordic Micro               Nordic Micro
                  Cap 1.70%,                 Cap 1.70%,
                  Aktia Nordic               Aktia Nordic
                  Small Cap                  Small Cap
                  2.02%, Aktia               2.02%, Aktia
                  Secura 0.81%               Secura 0.81%

Notified details of the resulting situation on the date on which the threshold
was crossed:

A: Shares and voting rights

               Number                 % of shares and voting rights
Class/type of  Direct   Indirect      Direct     Indirect
shares ISIN    (SMA     (SMA 9:6 and  (SMA 9:5)  (SMA 9:6 ja 9:7)
code           9:5)     9:7)
FI0009008387   311,593                4.18%
A TOTAL        311,593                4.18%

Information in relation to the person subject to the notification obligation:

Full chain of controlled undertakings through which the voting rights and/or
the financial instruments are effectively held starting with the ultimate
controlling natural person or legal entity:

Name           % of shares  % of shares and voting rights  Total of both
               and voting   through financial instruments
Aktia Pankki   0            0                              0
Aktia          4.18%                                       311,593

Nixu Corporation

Further information:
CFO Janne Kärkkäinen, Nixu Corporation
Telephone: +358 40 529 4603, e-mail: Janne.Karkkainen@nixu.com

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Nixu in brief:
Nixu is a cybersecurity services company that has been shaping the future
through cybersecurity for over three decades. We make cyberspace a secure place
and help our clients ensure business resilience with peace of mind. Nixu has
Nordic roots, and we employ around 400 of the best professionals in Finland,
Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Romania. Our experts are safeguarding the
most demanding environments of some of the largest organizations in the world
across all industries. Nixu shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock