2023-06-08 16:30:00 CEST

2023-06-08 16:30:00 CEST


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Aktia Bank Plc's Restricted share plan continues

Aktia Bank Plc
Stock Exchange Release
8 June 2023 at 5.30 p.m.

Aktia Bank Plc’s Restricted share plan continues

Aktia Bank Plc’s Board of Directors has decided to continue the share-based long-term incentive arrangement (Restricted Share Plan).

The total number of Aktia Bank Plc’s shares paid under the Restricted Share Plan was increased by 100,000 shares, bringing the maximum number of shares for the whole plan up to 380,000.

No reward will be paid if the participant's employment or service ends before the payment of the reward. The number of shares represents a gross earning, from which the applicable tax is withheld, and the remaining net value is paid in shares to the key employees participating in the plan. The Board of Directors can decide whether the reward is paid by using newly issued shares, the company’s existing treasury shares or shares purchased from the stock market. The company is entitled to pay the fee in full in cash in certain situations, and the rewards are subject to postponement and retention rules applicable to financial services industry.

The purpose of the Restricted Share Plan is to serve as a complementary long-term retention tool for key employees who will be selected individually. The company shall decide separately on allocation of the rewards to key employees. The payment time of the reward depends on the time of the allocation of the reward. Rewards will be paid after a retention period of approximately 3 years. A one-year lock-up period will primarily apply to the shares paid. The purpose of the plan is to retain, motivate and reward selected key employees in order to increase the shareholder value in the long term.


For more information:
Sini Kivekäs, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, tel. +358 50 304 3165, sini.kivekas(at)aktia.fi

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