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AUGA group - General meeting of shareholders

Notice on the update of questions of the agenda of the ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of AUGA group, AB on 30 April 2019 by drafts of decisions

On 8 April 2019 AUGA group, AB (code 126264360, address Konstitucijos ave. 21C, Vilnius, Company) announced the convocation of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders of the Company and announced the following Agenda of the Meeting:

Agenda of the Meeting:

  1. Consolidated annual report of the Company for the year 2018 and Auditor’s report
  2. Approval of consolidated annual financial statements of the Company for the year 2018
  3. Approval of the profit (loss) allocation of the Company for the year 2018
  4. Appointment of the auditor to audit consolidated financial statements of the Company for the year 2019 and approval of auditor’s remuneration
  5. Approval of new wording of the Articles of Association of the Company
  6. Approval of independency criteria of the Company’s board members
  7. Election of the board
  8. Approval of the remuneration for newly elected members of the board
  9. Approval of remuneration to be awarded to the current supervisory board members for performance of their supervisory council and audit committee member functions

By this notice the Company updates question 7 of the Agenda of the ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on 30 April 2019 by proposing the draft of the decision to the latter question.

Proposed draft of the decision regarding question 7 of the Agenda of the Meeting is the following:

  1. Election of the board
  1. To recall members of the Board of the Company on the grounds of the expiry of the term of office of the Board;
  2. To elect new members of the Board of the Company:
  • Murray Steele
  • Tomas Kučinskas
  • Tomas Krakauskas
  • Dalius Misiūnas
  • Linas Strėlis

According to the information provided to the Company by the candidates, Murray Steele, Tomas Kučinskas and Dalius Misiūnas are considered to be independent candidates. Information about proposed candidates is attached as annex to this notice.

A shareholder or a person authorised by him/her shall have a right to vote in writing in advance by filling in the general ballot paper attached herein. The general ballot paper is also provided on the Company’s website at www.auga.lt. The filled-in general ballot paper and the document confirming the voting right must be submitted to the Company sending by registered mail or providing them against signature at the address of the registered office of the Company indicated in the notice and received by the Company not later than on the last business day until the meeting.

General Manager
Linas Bulzgys
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